Friday, 24 August 2012

Quote 2 from Sifu's Sifu

 You see, the market is not a very kind, forgiving place. It does not discriminate between the rich or poor, your colour, creed, religion or even your gender. It treats one and all in the same manner.

How you are treated by Mr Market really depends on what KIND of person you are. To those who are greedy, ignorant, uneducated, lazy and uneducated; the market ROBS your $$.

But to those who are early, patient, diligent, experienced; the market rewards handsomely.

I have been serverly disciplined by the market in the past. Do read my story in the thread "Becoming A Successful Investor". Through the pain, I have come to one conclusion. In this game of investing, I am my worse enemy. Other words, whether I win or lose will depend on my own character. If I am arrogant, the market will humble me. If I am diligent, the market will reward me.

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