Friday, 10 August 2012

Inspirational quotes

"When you take care of the downside, the upside will take care of itself."


"I would rather be roughly right, than precisely wrong" Warren Buffett....


in investing, you don't have to be precise..e.g don't try to pick (buy) a bottom (a real bottom is formed after it is passed, don't try to pick(sell) at the very peak )...just identify the trend (up or down) and ride it till it ends.


"Take risks.

If you are right, you will be happy.

If you are wrong, you will be wiser.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained"


"Run and you may live,

Fight and you may die,

But from this day on, you will be FREE!!!"    Braveheart movie

"Do or Do not. There's no try."  Jedi, Star wars.

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