Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tuan Sing

Tuan Sing Holdings.

This is a property play. So i look at Price/NAV = 0.295/0.53 = 0.56 ! yes!, NAV is 0.53!  Much less than 0.7 (30% discount off NAV)

The trading volume is usually very very low (600,000-2 millions shares).....the last rally, it didn't manage to rise above $0.32.

Recently, the trading volume has been rising steadily And Today, there's huge buying 300,000 shares at a time. Today, it is in Top 20 volume that's what caught my attention. Today's volume is 17,000,000!!! something is brewing...

Technical wise, price has already cut above 20 and 50 perhaps it is getting ready to RUN up. no harm grabing some.

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